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Tables & Campbeds

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    Cena Table Regatta


    Cena Table


    Lightweight and sturdy camping kitchen table with compact bi-fold design. Ideal for campsite dinners or barbeques and parties at home. The Cena Table is a lightweight and compact bi-folding table which folds in half for flat and compact storage. It has...

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    Picnic Table Regatta


    Picnic Table


    Lightweight and sturdy picnic table with foldable legs to make transportation and setting up easier. Ideal for campsite dinners or barbeques and parties at home. The picnic table is a lightweight, compact table that allows for the benches to be taken...

Compact Camping Furniture 

Our lightweight and durable camping furniture is a must for any touring or camping trip. Designed perfectly for comfort, storage and easy transportation our outdoor leisure equipment will make your home away from home more comfortable and enjoyable for all.

What to consider when buying camping furniture

Think about what kind of trip you are taking. Will you require seating, a table or camp bed? Once you know what you are looking for, you can set about finding the right kind of camping furniture for your needs.

Another important element to consider thinking about is the long term as well as the short term. If, like most people, you are buying camping furniture as an investment and to use time and time again, you should ask yourself questions such as "Is it storage friendly?", "How heavy is it?", "Is it easily transportable?" or "Is it durable?" If you think about these elements, you can find leisure equipment that will last you for years and the future you will thank you for asking these questions in the long run.

Folding Tables

Made using the best materials for a lightweight and sturdy design, our compact bi-fold kitchen tables are the perfect addition for campsite dinners, barbeques and parties at home. But if you’re looking for camping furniture that is a little more multi-functional you can check out our classic games folding tables! These are a great way to bring some fun into your trip for friends and family alike and are designed with you in mind for functionality, portability and storage.

Need help?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team if you need help choosing the perfect accessories for your trip. Our team consists of outdoor and camping experts who are always happy to help with any queries or concerns. OLPRO have been designing and producing top quality camping and campervan equipment since 2011, so we’re the experts when it comes to tents.

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