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Campervan Covers


OLPRO's range of campervan covers will protect your van in-between adventures, keep the heat from turning your vehicle into an oven-on-wheels and keep the frost and snow from freezing your home-away-from-home. Whatever the weather, we stock a range of reflective, weather-proof and durable protection. 

We've got you covered.


Why choose OLPRO?

All our products come with instructions on how to set them up. If you’ve lost your copy of the instructions then don’t panic! All our instructions are available on our website. If you need some additional help packing or setting up your tent or accessories then make sure to check out our range of how-to” videos.


Need help?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team if you need help choosing the perfect accessories for your trip. Our team consists of outdoor and camping experts who are always happy to help with any queries or concerns. OLPRO have been designing and producing top quality camping and campervan equipment since 2011, so we’re the experts when it comes to tents.

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